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Under the background of localization, which chips can play the most?

Jessie February 26, 2024

In the past 2023 and the upcoming 2024, Chinese chip manufacturers have suffered both unreasonable sanctions and downward cycles. Now China is leading the expansion trend of chips, ushering in a new round of recovery in the industry.

China's chip industry continues to run, but due to the late start, domestic core manufacturers not only to accumulate their own Know-How, but also over the towering patent wall. All kinds of difficulties mean that among one hundred domestic manufacturers, only one manufacturer may be able to rely on excellent products and cost-effective way out.

Now, although there are still gaps or gaps in domestic chips on high-end chips, we have a lot of choices in the middle and low-end chips. In the face of complex international relations, downstream manufacturers are increasing the localization rate of their own products, and the proportion of domestic chips on the engineer's circuit board has begun to get higher and higher.

So, this time, EEWorld gate-crashers celebrated "no man's land", do something different, officially launched and online "most can play the Chinese core" project:

This topic focuses on analog and power, digital, and application from three perspectives, and selects the "most capable" products from the subcategories. The first list covers silicon carbide (SiC), amplifiers and comparators, LDO, DC/DC, sensors, data conversion, charge management, interface circuits, Bluetooth /Wi-Fi chips, MCU (RISC-V architecture), MCU (Arm architecture), vehicle gauge chips, instrumentation 13 subcategories of chips. The list is as follows:

The full list based on information from:

It can be said that under this background, if you do not understand China core, you may be eliminated by the industry. How to grasp the present, in their own products, choose the most able to meet the requirements of the domestic chip is also a topic to be discussed.

However, a person's energy is limited, in the face of different forms of domestic chips, to pick out their own products, you need to see each parameter on the Datasheet over and over. Even if you find a product with more suitable parameters, it is impossible to try every brand and product personally.

As a long-term deal with engineers, the electronic engineering world (EEWorld) also knows that engineers need a list to quickly measure the level of domestic chip products, a reference guide to find the direction, and a platform to learn from the experience of peers.

We know that homogenous lists are not very useful for engineers. Therefore, "the most able to play the Chinese core" is not a fixed rigid list of "year more" and "month more", nor is it a "running score list" of parameter performance, but a real-time list of integrated engineers' actual use experience, industry expert experience and editorial views.

As long as you have an idea, anyone can "kick the list" at any time and put their favorite chip on the list.

We want to find out those who can play the most domestic core, perhaps the strongest performance, perhaps the most cost-effective, and perhaps the most innovative, but must be the engineers most like to use.

Whether we are in a good time or a difficult time, facing the unknown future, I hope that the domestic chips on this list can bring great reference value to engineers.

We also firmly believe that domestic chips will be better and better.

In the future, EEWorld will continue to improve the "most able to play the Chinese core", please look forward to it, and welcome the majority of engineers and manufacturers to recommend or self-recommend products, and put forward opinions on the list, we will continue to improve according to your feedback.

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