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Renesas Electronics expands its position in AIoT by integrating Reality AI tools with the e2 studio IDE

Jack August 08, 2023

Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), a global semiconductor solutions provider, today announced that it has established an interface between its Reality AI Tools and e2studio integrated development environments, enabling designers to seamlessly share data, projects and AI code modules between the two programs. The real-time data processing module is integrated into the Renesas MCU Software development Tool suite (note) to facilitate data collection from Renesas' own tool suite or customer hardware using Renesas MCUS. The integration will shorten the design cycle for artificial intelligence (AI) and miniature machine learning (TinyML) applications at the edge and end of iot networks.

Since acquiring Reality AI in 2022, Renesas has been working to research, improve and simplify AI design. Reality AI Tools is a software environment built to support product development for complete AI applications, allowing users to automatically explore sensor data and generate optimized models. Renesas has now created a seamless data channel between Reality AI Tools and the e2studio environment for programming Renesas MCUS. Sensor data collected from the Renesas MCU development kit, as well as data visualized and annotated in e2studio, can now be transferred to projects associated with Reality AI Tools with one click. In addition, users can now download and integrate AI/ML classifiers generated by Reality AI Tools in e2studio.

Mohammed Dogar, Vice President of Global Business Development and Ecosystem at Renesas, Truly successful AI uses sensor inputs from the real world to develop and train models. By providing seamless data sharing between Reality AI Tools and e2 studio products, Renesas offers the best solution to the market, enabling designers to quickly build accurate and powerful AI applications

In addition to data transfer, Renesas also provides cross-platform project awareness between embedded and AI environments. Users can now sync and transfer a list of projects in e2 studio from Reality AI Tools, associate e2 studio projects with Reality AI Tools projects, and create new Reality AI Tools projects within e2 studio."

Renesas has also worked with ecosystem partners to build an application demonstration and reference solution. These demonstrations provide a proof of concept or blueprint for a specific application. The Renesas AI application library now has more than 30 reference solutions for applications such as real-time analytics, vision and voice."

"On October 12, Renesas will host a half-day online event on topics related to artificial intelligence. In addition to keynote presentations by senior executives and industry experts, lively roundtable discussions are also planned. Attendees can choose topics of interest from a series of technical lectures that delve into artificial intelligence. Visit the Renesas AI Live event page to register and view the full agenda.""

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