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Quectel introduces two new Wi-Fi 7 modules to enable the best wireless connectivity experience

Jessie January 10, 2024

On January 9, during the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Quectel, the world's leading provider of total solutions for the Internet of Things, announced the official launch of the communication modules FGE576Q and FGE573Q that support Wi-Fi 7 technology. These two modules will push the boundaries of wireless connectivity with cutting-edge Wi-Fi performance to provide a better networking experience for the next generation of iot and mobile devices.

Using the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology standard, this series of modules provides higher transmission rates, greater connection capacity and better communication efficiency, which can easily meet the growing demand for wireless communication capabilities in smart home, industrial automation, medical health, transportation and other fields.

As Quectel's Dong Zhang put it, "Continuing to be at the forefront of technological innovation is the goal of Yuanyuan's relentless pursuit." The official launch of the FGE576Q and FGE573Q, two Wi-Fi 7 modules, can better help the Internet of Things ecosystem to address the escalating communication needs. Digital applications with high traffic, low latency and multi-user problems that were previously restricted by network cables can be solved by Wi-Fi 7 technology in the future. I am confident that these two modules will set a new benchmark in the field of short-range wireless connectivity and will open up new possibilities for various industry applications."

High speed, low latency, more stable multiple connections

In terms of network connection rates, which the market is most concerned about, both modules perform well, including the FGE576Q data transfer rate of up to 3.6 Gbps, and support 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz + 6 GHz dual-band concurrent, FGE573Q provides up to 2.9 Gbps rates. Both products achieve high throughput and low latency, bringing a qualitative leap in data transmission rate. With excellent communication performance and reliability, the FGE576Q and FGE573Q Wi-Fi 7 modules will provide users with unprecedented smooth experiences in emerging scenarios such as ultra-HD streaming media, online gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality.

It is worth mentioning that both Wi-Fi modules use MLO multi-link operation function. With this feature, routers are able to use multiple radio bands and channels concurrently when connecting to a Wi-Fi 7 client, resulting in higher throughput and lower latency.

In addition to excellent performance in terms of network speed, the FGE576Q and FGE573Q modules also achieve the best coexistence of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, integrate dual Bluetooth, up to 2 Mbps, and support low power audio and Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) functions.

Today, the FGE576Q and FGE573Q have become the ideal solution for a variety of applications, such as cloud gaming, 8K ultra HD streaming media, AR/VR, industrial Internet of Things and telemedicine, thanks to their excellent data transfer rates, ultra-low latency and higher network reliability.

Multiple encryption, more stable security strength

For wireless network connection, security is an important existence that cannot be ignored, FGE576Q and FGE573Q adopt WPA3 encryption and other features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of data transmission.

In addition, the development process of the remote module, from product architecture to firmware/software development, also follows industry-leading practices and standards, not only reduces potential vulnerabilities through third-party independent testing organizations, but also performs security practices such as generating SBOM and VEX files, and firmware binary analysis throughout the software development lifecycle. To ensure product safety and reliability.

Supporting services, product upgrades more labor-saving

In terms of packaging, the FGE576Q and FGE573Q feature a compact design that helps customers seamlessly integrate them into a variety of end devices. At the same time, the two modules have superior compatibility, and can be effectively compatible with the mainstream module sizes and product characteristics commonly used in the market, helping customers shorten the development cycle of terminal products and reduce costs.

In order to further facilitate the design process of customers and improve the market competitiveness of FGE576Q and FGE573Q modules, Quectel also ADAPTS various types of Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth antennas for this series of modules, including YF0026AA, YEWT004AA and YF0027CA. Meet the requirements of different projects with a high degree of flexibility and compatibility. At the same time, Quectel can also provide customized solutions to the unique needs of each project, thereby further increasing the efficiency of customer terminal development.

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