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It is reported that Meta and Nvidia have visited SK Hynix to discuss DRAM/HBM supply

Jack August 29, 2023

Meta executives visited SK Hynix headquarters on August 24 to inspect DDR5, HBM production facilities and EUV equipment, and conducted a DDR5 quality audit at the Icheon campus. The two sides discussed DDR5 supply issues, and it is reported that Meta has also asked SK Hynix to supply additional high-performance and efficient DDR5 server DRAM. In addition, Nvidia is expected to visit SK Hynix's Icheon campus this week, where it is expected to review the SK Hynix HBM3E production line, and the two sides are expected to discuss product supply issues related to HBM.

1. Transmission UMC received Nvidia mid-tier large single follow-up shipment momentum increased

The future demand for advanced packaging market has increased comprehensively, among which the intermediate layer business opportunities needed for CoWoS advanced packaging have grown more synchronously, and wafer foundry Lianx has benefited from receiving orders from NVIDIA outsourcing advanced packaging intermediate layer, and subsequent shipments have increased comprehensively. (Taiwan Economic Times)

2. News that TSMC 3nm process ushered in a large order

Intel's Arrow Lake, which will be launched in the second half of 2024, is currently reported to have a revised production blueprint, and there will be two versions in parallel. In addition to the U-series and other cpus will skip the Intel 20A process and change to Intel 3, the top H/HX series cpus will use TSMC N3 process foundry, superimposing the graphics chip, system chip and input/output chip originally delivered to TSMC, and it is likely that the entire processor will be produced in TSMC. (Taiwan Electronic Times)

3. Omdia: It is expected that the downturn in the middle and low end of the global smartphone market will continue into the second half of the year

According to research institute Omdia statistics, in the first half of 2023, Apple sold a total of more than 26.5 million iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is the world's largest shipment of smart phone models in the first half of the year. In second place was the iPhone 14 Pro, which sold 21 million units. In third place was the iPhone 14, which sold 16.5 million units. Research institutions pointed out that due to the impact of the economic recession and the expansion of the second-hand mobile phone market, the middle and low-end smartphone market has shrunk and experienced negative growth this year. However, the trend at the high end of the market has been reversed, with rising demand for Apple's high-end models driving steady growth in this segment. The agency expects global smartphone shipments to decline this year, especially in the middle and low-end markets,and the downturn will continue into the second half of the year.

4. Unigroup: AI servers equipped with Nvidia A800 Gpus have entered the batch delivery stage

Unigunv shares said in a recent survey that the company's AI server equipped with Nvidia A800 GPU has entered the batch delivery stage, 400G switches are applied in the data center scale, and the world's first single-chip 51.2T 800G CPO silicon optical data center switches have entered the order delivery stage in the Internet, finance and other industries. At the same time, the company comprehensively upgraded the intelligent scheduling platform AOFi computing platform, and launched a new generation of liquid cooling solutions, all-optical solutions, firewalls and other new products and solutions. In the first half of the year, the revenue growth of AI servers doubled, and with the improvement of GPU chip supply, the delivery rate of AI servers will increase. The 800G silicon optical switch launched this year has also completed the product verification development stage, has been shipped to customers in small batches, and is expected to become a mainstream product in the market in 2025.

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