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General - purpose off-line X-ray testing equipment X6600

Marry September 21, 2023

X6600 is a cost-effective micro focus X-ray testing equipment, especially suitable for electronic manufacturing and semiconductor bga chip detection, rapid detection of bridge, cavity, open circuit, more tin less tin, broken line, through hole alignment and other quality defects. Product label: ZM-X6600, X-RAY testing equipment, closed X-ray tube


       Positive                                                The side                                              On the back

Product parameters( Note: The product parameters are for reference only. The final data is subject to the actual data )

X-Ray - X6600 product features
1:Electronic manufacturing/semiconductor/photovoltaic/connector /LED, etc2:High definition test image: offset/tin/bubble/cold weld/wire
3:90KV closed X-ray tube, long life, maintenance-free4:High resolution digital flat panel detector
5:5 axis linkage system, tilt 65 degrees observation6:Color image navigation
7:Automatic programming detection and automatic judgment NG or OK(optional)8:Multi-board modular observation point setting (optional)

Main functions of X-Ray Solution - X6600
1:The X-ray tube and detector can move along the Z axis1:Can detect the defect of the sample, easy maintenance, long service life
2:The software sets the voltage and current2:Easy maintenance, long service life
3:Can control the loading platform X-Y direction motion speed3:The operation is simple and the training time of the operator is short
4:Editable detector and greater detector tilt 65°4:Suitable for mass detection with high repeatability and accuracy
5:Large navigation window, click the mouse to move the loading platform to the pointed position5:Can accommodate a variety of large size samples, allowing a unique perspective of sample detection

Hardware specifications of X-Ray Solution - X6600
x-ray transmitting tubeOptical tube type:Reflection sealed microfocus X-ray sourceTube voltage:90KV (130kV optional)
Operating voltage:40-90KVCurrent of operation:10-200μA
Greater output power:8WMicrofocal size:5~15μm
Plate detectorPlate type:CMOS flat panel detector (optional)Pixel matrix:1176 * 1100
Field of view:58mm×54mmResolution of resolution:10.1Lp/mm
Image frame rate (1×1):30fpsAD conversion digit:14bits
Radiation safetyX ray leakage:<1μSv/h
Equipment performanceLoading platform size:540mm×440mmGreater tilt Angle:65degree
Load bearing platform:≤5KG
Equipment SpecificationsOverall dimension:L1360mm×W1240mm×H1700mmNet weight of equipment:About 1170 kg
Input power supply:220V 10A/110V 15A 50-60HZ

Application case of x-ray detection device - X6600
1:BGA chip welding analysis2:Apple Camera module

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