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CoreTech's new product, AD1000, was unveiled.

Eric March 21, 2024

Recently, ECARX Tech Day 2024 was successfully held with the theme of "The more you cross a thousand peaks, the more you are born". Numerous vehicle brands, ecological enterprises and industry partners from home and abroad gathered in Hangzhou and offered a technology feast together. Dr. Kai Wang, founder, director and CEO of ECARX, led the team to attend the conference and unveiled ECARX new product - Dragon Eagle Smart Driving Series AD1000.

The new AD1000 continues the strategy of Dragon Eagle series, benchmarking the most advanced intelligent driving products in the international market, and surpassing in CPU performance, AI power, ISP processing power, and NPU local storage capacity, etc. AD1000 still adopts the 7nm automotive-specification process, complies with the AEC-Q100 standard, and has a strong multi-core isomorphic architecture for powerful intelligent driving computing power: AD1000 integrates high-performance VPA and ISP, built-in ASIL-D functional safety island, and rich interfaces, which can fully meet the needs of L2 to L4 level intelligent driving.

Dragon Eagle AD1000 is the industry's leading high-level chip for automated driving. CoreTech is working with many automated driving technology companies, Tier-1 suppliers and OEMs to build an open algorithm and ecosystem, and is committed to providing domestic high-level automated driving full-stack solutions for Chinese and even international car makers.

In addition, another highlight of the event was the integrated computing platform based on Dragon Eagle One, the cabin driving series of CoreTech. "Dragon Eagle One" is a single-chip cabin solution that supports four HD screens (4K/2K), in-cabin vision DMS/OMS/Face ID, ADAS L2 functions such as automatic parking assistance and out-of-cabin parking, which can significantly reduce the cost of the entire vehicle. CoreTech joins hands with many partners to provide end-to-end cabin parking solutions from the underlying SoC to platform hardware and software, AI toolchain, algorithms, and application ecology to improve the flexibility, convenience, and extensibility of users' system applications, thus empowering vehicle manufacturers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Based on the overall planning of smart cabin and smart driving, CoreTech has successively launched high-level series of products and solutions with sufficient arithmetic power and support for domain-control fusion, which have been highly evaluated by users for their outstanding performance in the equipped models. As the leader of domestic high-grade automotive chips, CoreTech hopes to work with ecological partners to expand cooperation in high-performance and cost-effective areas, and promote the evolution of automotive intelligence on a global scale.

The full-scale promotion and marketing activities of AD1000 will be held in the near future, please look forward to it.

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