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Blockbuster! After the United States, TSMC invested in Europe, more than 100 million to acquire German companies!

Bob June 08, 2023

Delta announced the €142 million acquisition of German automotive components manufacturer TB&C

The company announced that it will be conducting the transaction through its subsidiary Delta International Holding Limited B.V. Acquisition of TB&C, a German automotive high-pressure hybrid components company, for €142 million. TB&C, headquartered in Germany, is a leader in high-voltage hybrid components for vehicles, with customers ranging from world-renowned automakers to Tier 1 suppliers, Delta said.


Organization: Q2 global server shipments are expected to grow by 3.9% sequentially

DIGITIMES Research analyst Jim Hsiao noted that global server shipments declined in the first quarter and are expected to grow 3.9% sequentially in the second quarter. In addition, North American cloud service vendors shipped less than expected in the first quarter, and while U.S. vendors will increase AI server shipments in the second quarter, their contribution to the overall market will be limited.

The news said that the Taiwanese IC designer is still uncertain about the prospects of Q3 in 23 years

Many Taiwanese IC designers have seen their customers place orders in advance, but are also aware that customers may slow down their orders, so the outlook for the third quarter of 2023 is still uncertain. (DIGITIMES asia)

SEMI: China's 300mm wafer fab equipment spending is expected to reach $16.1 billion by 2026

According to the latest report released by SEMI, South Korea is expected to lead global 300mm fab equipment spending with $30.2 billion in investments in 2026, nearly doubling from $15.7 billion in 2023. Mainland China is expected to spend $16.1 billion by 2026, up from $14.9 billion in 2023. Equipment spending in the United States is expected to nearly double from $9.6 billion this year to $18.8 billion by 2026.

Pegatron: New customer orders for electric vehicles will begin mass production by the end of the year

Pegatron held a shareholders' meeting today, in response to the development of new businesses, co-CEO Zheng Guangzhi said that Pegatron's electric vehicle or vehicle business is expected to start mass production of new customer orders by the end of this year to early next year

Agency: The advanced packaging market will grow at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2022 to 2028

According to market research agency Yole Intelligence, from 2022 to 2028, the compound annual growth rate of the advanced packaging market will reach 10.6%, and the market value will reach $78.6 billion. In contrast, from 2022 to 2028, the traditional packaging market is expected to grow at a slower CAGR of 3.2%, with a market cap of $57.5 billion by the end of 2028. Overall, the packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9%, reaching a market cap of $136 billion.

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