KOA Speer SG73S2ETTD10R0D 1210 (3225Metric) FIXED RESISTOR SG73S 0.126Lx0.102W 3.20mmx2.60mm 0.5W 1/2W 10Ohm ±200ppm/C-Chip Resistor - Surface Mount

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KOA Speer
Chip Resistor - Surface Mount
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1210 (3225Metric) FIXED RESISTOR SG73S 0.126Lx0.102W 3.20mmx2.60mm 0.5W 1/2W 10Ohm ±200ppm/C
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KOA Speer
KOA Speer Electronics, an affiliate of KOA Corporation, has served the electronics industry since 1980. It has a global presence, including corporate headquarters in Japan and sales locations in the USA, Germany, China, and Singapore. Their wide range of products include thick film resistors, thin film resistors, current sensing resistors, wirewound resistors, thermal sensors, fuses, varistors, LTCCs, and modules.
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